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Hi Eric --

Thanks for the feedback!

> Some improvement can be done.
> If you have write access you can put it in wok-undigest.
> The gtk-update-icon-cache failed for me:
> [code]
>   - Updating icons... gtk-update-icon-cache: No theme index file.
> done. [/code]

Hmmm. I'm not too sure if 'GUIC' needs to be run if the icon hasn't 
been used before so I've taken it out for now. If you find it doesn't 
work, I'll put it back in, amongst the directory-cycling loop. It 
should be available in and update each icon theme that way.

Do we really need to run GUIC? I suspect you may, Eric, but it seems 
to work okay here without...

> Yes check it for the cooking. Only security or bug fix update will
> be done in stable repository.

This is my first package contribution so I don't (yet :-]) have access.

> > 0:
> > 1:
> > 2:

The links remain the same.



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