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Hi all --

I use the Git version control system over Mercurial (just personal 
preference, it was the first I was introduced to and have no need to 
move away as yet) but SliTaz hasn't a GUI for it (yes, laugh all you 
want) so I've packaged the Tk/Tcl-based git-gui.

I'm not too sure as to the process as this is my first package offering 
to SliTaz; it doesn't need compiling as it's merely a bunch of Tcl 
scripts, so would this reciept for 'tazwok' be okay?

I have tested the generated package (0) on a v3 stable LiveCD and a 
couple of other SliTaz installs successfully so have put the wok 
directory (1) and the receipt (2) in a public folder in my DropBox for 
your perusal. It has some 'stuff' along with a symlink (which will need 
to be updated with each version, but that can be sorted later I 

(As a side note, I have spent the past couple of days trying to 
compile Pino, an multi-account, & Twitter client, but, after 
finding dependency after dependency, it turns out the version of GTK+ & 
the Vala language compiler on Stable isn't high enough! I'll check 
what's in Cooking and see if it will be happy there.)




Ben Arnold
Chester, UK

e: ben at
w: | t: @seawolf

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