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Maybe this has been asked already, but I can't find it on google

Is work being done on making a "sawfish for wayland"?  Since wayland
doesn't access wm's like X does, it looks like "wm-like" things have to
be rewritten and merged somehow into wayland.

It sounds like enlightenment is already working in wayland, so I
suppose it is possible.

Please tell me we'll have sawfish for wayland?  With the amount of
customization I've done in sawfish during the last decade my
productivity will go into the dumps if I have to throw it all away,
especially if the replacements (enlightenment) can reproduce the same

It looks like with Fedora 25 defaulting to wayland that in about 7-8
months when F24 goes EOL I'll be forced into wayland whether I like it
or not.  Even if (?) F25 allows you to switch to X (not X in wayland,
but pure X-only), all the desktop apps will start to be developed and
maintained with wayland in mind.  That means even if I can stick with
X for a couple of Fedora revs, the X versions of things will get
buggier and no one on bz will care.  Kind of like the 32-bit kernel

If anyone has some insights into these things, I'd love to hear them!
Anything to keep my hopes up.  -- Signed: a happy X user that sees
absolutely no value-add for wayland in his happy 2D-only sawfish life.

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