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Trevor Cordes wrote:
: Is work being done on making a "sawfish for wayland"?  Since wayland
: doesn't access wm's like X does, it looks like "wm-like" things have to
: be rewritten and merged somehow into wayland.
: It sounds like enlightenment is already working in wayland, so I
: suppose it is possible.

	This is a question I wanted to ask for some time as well.
GTK supports Wayland, but I am not sure about how WMs are supposed
to work in Wayland.

: It looks like with Fedora 25 defaulting to wayland that in about 7-8
: months when F24 goes EOL I'll be forced into wayland whether I like it
: or not.

	Speaking as a Fedora 25 user: there is no problem with Sawfish
(+XFCE, in my case) on Fedora 25. It apparently uses Wayland only for
GNOME-only setups. My lightdm starts the X server and XFCE session just fine,
as it did in previous releases. My F25 systems run Xorg just fine (including
a dual-seat workstation at home).

:  Even if (?) F25 allows you to switch to X (not X in wayland,
: but pure X-only), all the desktop apps will start to be developed and
: maintained with wayland in mind.  That means even if I can stick with
: X for a couple of Fedora revs, the X versions of things will get
: buggier and no one on bz will care.  Kind of like the 32-bit kernel
: today.

	I guess the biggest push would not be from desktops being developed
for Wayland, but from drivers for newer hardware being developed for Wayland.
It is not a problem yet, but I think it will be.

: If anyone has some insights into these things, I'd love to hear them!
: Anything to keep my hopes up.  -- Signed: a happy X user that sees
: absolutely no value-add for wayland in his happy 2D-only sawfish life.



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