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geoff@xxxxxxxxxx (2016-10-24 at 2204.24 -0700):
> Does anybody have a sign reading "This guy shoots himself in the foot"?
> If so, please come and hold it over my head.
> I completely ignored that entry, and until today also failed to note the
> following highly relevent extract from my sawfishrc:
>     ; The following custom settings were extracted from ~/.sawfish/custom
>     ; because I need to make them different on the laptop and desktop.
>     ; The downside is that I can no longer use the customize menu to make
>     ; more window matches (or if I do, I have to integrate those changes
>     ; into here).
>     (custom-set-typed-variable
>      'match-window-profile
>      `(

Would doubling the rules in the GUI, and adding a host match to each
copy, solve the issue?


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