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I'm referring back to

I've not worked on coding window managers so I'm not confident about much of the following, but anyway, here goes...

1) The problem I spoke of -- namely GTK CSD windows wanting to resize themselves arbitrarily when handled under Sawfish -- seems almost a Heisenbug: when I'm just going about my business it seems to happen a lot, but when I stop to ask, under exactly what conditions does this occur?, the problem mostly goes away. I take this to mean that at some subconscious level I must be using the mouse a bit differently when I'm thinking about what exactly it's doing. But I'm not a specially sloppy mouse user and I maintain that this is a real problem.

2) At a "phenomenological" level, it seems you can tell something has gone wrong if the cursor turns into a "+" shape: this seems to mean that a CSD window is now going to resize itself when you next move the mouse (even if this doesn't make any sense, given what you've clicked on to date).

3) In the sawfish C code, I took a look at button_press() in events.c, and the most relevant part seems to be the call to find_frame_part_by_window(). Here's my understanding: if the button press relates to a "frame_part" (i.e. part of a window frame) then it's something that Sawfish should act on. So I put in a print to stderr when find_frame_part_by_window() returned non-NULL. Most of the time this triggered under the right conditions (e.g. when I click somewhere on a Sawfish window-frame), but... it sometimes triggered when I clicked on a control within a GTK CSD window.

4) It seems to me that find_frame_part_by_window(), as called from the button_press event, should NEVER return non-NULL if you're clicking within a CSD window, since no part of that window corresponds to part of a Sawfish-handled window frame.

5) It therefore seems that there's some conditionality missing from the Sawfish function find_frame_part_by_window(). Now, as regards what exactly that conditionality ought to be, I'm afraid I run out of gas. Except that I think it should involve detecting CSD via mwm hints. So far as I can tell, there's no mechanism in the Sawfish code to detect mwm hints, and I suspect that's the problem.

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University

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