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Can anyone help with this annoying problem?

I use sawfish with lxpanel on debian linux, and have done for many
years. I have my lxpanel positioned at the top of the screen
and everything works fine except for one major irritation. After
starting a new session, the first time I de-iconise a window all the
windown jump up and to the left. The distance is about the depth of the
lxpanel bar, and the distance to the left is about the thickness of a
window border. If I reposition the windows then everything is fine
until the next session.

The problem seems to be caused by lxpanel changing the viewport and I
have fixed it in the past (several years ago) by downloading the source
of lxpanel and editing it. That is not really a good long-term
solution though, since it needs to be re-done every time a new
version of lxpanel is released. I am sure that there must be a better
solution by re-configuring the viewports in sawfish but I don't speak
lisp. Can anyone give me any pointers to how to do this or where to
look for a solution. I am willing to learn some lisp if necessary to
fix this issue, but it is unlikely that I would ever use it for anything

John Bovey

Sawfish ML

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