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2013/3/7 dmg <dmg@xxxxxxx>

What I can help with:

> 3. I canot find how I can in my ~/.sawfishrc define some properties for
> specific window match.
> I use now the gui to add WindowRule but some of cases I need to specify it
> in .sawfishrc to have more logic except only chnaging the properties of
> window.

maybe this will help. in this case the matcher is for the class. It
makes the window sticky.

(add-window-matcher '((WM_CLASS . "^class/instance$"))
  '((sticky . t)
    (sticky-viewport . t)))

Yes it's helps, but you didn't mentioned that I need to import needed namespace. I mean wrote (require 'match-window) before using add-window-matcher. In any case thanks a lot.
> 4. How I can add hook to change workspace and e.g show notify using
> libnotify or exec notify-send?

add a hook to enter-workspace-hook


it might help.

you can use (system "command") to execute a command

Thanks, I will look at it definitely.

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