[Sawfish] odd window resize behaviour with firefox/thunderbird 17.0

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Is anybody here observing odd window resize behaviour with the latest
firefox/thunderbird releases?

I'm running Sawfish 1.9.1 and firefox/thunderbird 17.0.

When I try to resize a firefox or thunderbird window by clicking on the
window frame it immediately snaps to a zero width and/or height,
depending on what part of the border I clicked on.

My current workaround for getting the window back to a usable size again
is running this command:

  sawfish-client -f "(resize-window-to (get-window-by-id `xwininfo | grep id: | awk '{print $4}'`) 878 1033)"

Since only the latest releases of firefox and thunderbird are affected I
assume they changed some window attribute that triggers this effect with
sawfish when they switched from 16.0 to 17.0.

Also, the maximize button is missing in the title bar. I'm using the
'Anonymous' theme by Pedro Lopes (http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/Anonymous).
This might be due to the same attribute change.

Any help, suggestions or pointers on how to debug or fix this would be
most appreciated.

    Andreas Paul

 eMail: Andreas.Paul@xxxxxxxxx
   WWW: http://wwwrbg.in.tum.de/personen/Paul
    IM: Co (@IRCnet) DRAPaul (@skype)

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