[Sawfish] Re: odd window resize behaviour with firefox/thunderbird 17.0

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Andreas Paul <Andreas.Paul@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Is anybody here observing odd window resize behaviour with the latest
> firefox/thunderbird releases?

Yes, same happens here. Exactly the same. I just updated my sawfish to
1.9.1 today to see if this would help.

> My current workaround for getting the window back to a usable size again
> is running this command:
> sawfish-client -f "(resize-window-to (get-window-by-id `xwininfo | grep id: | awk '{print $4}'`) 878 1033)"

I am using Window-size-presets for different sizes on different key
combinations. The script is from here:

> Also, the maximize button is missing in the title bar. I'm using the
> 'Anonymous' theme by Pedro Lopes (http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/Anonymous).

I'm using Crux and the maximize button is missing here, too. And
maximize-window-vertically is also not functioning.


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