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On Срд, Авг 22 2012 at 16:03, Snow Bender wrote:

>>> I read about the distinction between viewports and desktops... what
>>> are interesting usages of both viewports and the combination of
>>> viewports and desktops?
>> If you have enough spatial imagination you can get a real 3D desktop,
>> without any fancy cubes.
> Heh... I settled for now on 2 desktops, each 3x3 viewports.

You could also experiment with window «sticky» and «sticky viewport»
attributes to map windows to visible screen areas according to their
applications role in your working process.

Say, desktop 1 for the boring official work and desktop 2 for (another
kind of) fun. So you could place your jabber client window to both 1 and
2 «communications» viewport. And so on.

Also, copying windows to other desktops/viewports may be helpful.

As for myself, I don't use viewports for some time. I replaced them with
plain 3×3 workspace grid:

(setq overriden-pager-vertical-p t)
(setq overriden-num-workspace-rows 3)

By the way, getting rid of viewports doesn't reduce your desktop
dimensions much: 2 + full screen windows + application
tabs/screens/buffers. Mental model seems to be quite complicated.


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