[Sawfish] plain sawfish as a window manager

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I'd like to use sawfish on its own as a window manager, thus not as a window manager inside xfce or gnome.
In that regard, I saw that there is a project sawfish-pager, but I can't figure out how to use it?

Aside from that, is there also a system tray included? Is it possible to create something that looks like the status bar in awesome wm? How do most people use sawfish? Using it inside another desktop environment, or assembling their own desktop using third-party components like a panel, a system tray, or e.g. conky?

I read about the distinction between viewports and desktops... what are interesting usages of both viewports and the combination of viewports and desktops? I'm familiar with the concept from e16, but it's always interesting to know how other people use this.

Is there a repository with example sawfish configurations? I've been searching for configurations, but it's hard to find any.


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