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> I'd like to use sawfish on its own as a window manager, thus not as a
> window manager inside xfce or gnome.

This is what I do too, no problem there.

> In that regard, I saw that there is a project sawfish-pager, but I can't
> figure out how to use it?

Sawfish-pager is not necessary to use sawfish stand alone but some
people like it I personally don't use it.

> Aside from that, is there also a system tray included?

A system tray is not included with sawfish but you can use for example
stalonetray which works very well for me.

> Is it possible to
> create something that looks like the status bar in awesome wm? How do most
> people use sawfish? Using it inside another desktop environment, or
> assembling their own desktop using third-party components like a panel, a
> system tray, or e.g. conky?
> I read about the distinction between viewports and desktops... what are
> interesting usages of both viewports and the combination of viewports and
> desktops? I'm familiar with the concept from e16, but it's always
> interesting to know how other people use this.
> Is there a repository with example sawfish configurations? I've been
> searching for configurations, but it's hard to find any.
> Ruben

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