[Sawfish] workspaces, viewports and sticky: bug?

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I experimented a bit with sticky, sticky/workspace and
sticky/viewport, from sawfish-client.

I did the following:
client > (make-window-sticky/viewport (get-window-by-name "ruben@raptor:~"))
client > (make-window-unsticky/viewport (get-window-by-name "ruben@raptor:~"))

This works as expected: the window is available in every viewport on
the current workspace.

The I tried sticky workspace:
client > (make-window-sticky/workspace (get-window-by-name "ruben@raptor:~"))

This one acts really weird. It seems to put the window in the other
workspace, but on the viewport that was active last time I was on the
workspace. If I go to the other workspace with the pager, and change
viewports in there, it makes that window jump around to other
viewports in the other workspace.

Then I tried copy-window-to-workspace:
client > (make-window-unsticky/workspace (get-window-by-name "ruben@raptor:~"))
client >  (copy-window-to-workspace (get-window-by-name "ruben@raptor:~") 0 1)

This also acts weird: it seems to copy the window to the other
workspace, in the viewport that was active last time I used that
workspace. When I go to the other workspace, and switch viewports, it
makes the window in the original workspace jump around to other

Is this a bug, or is there some logic behind this?


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