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Yesterday, Campbell Barton wrote:
> after the racket interview on floss weekly I briefly looked at
> embedding racket in an application, just checked how feasible it was
> compared to python3, according to one of the devs the runtime is
> ~5mb or so. (iirc py lib is under 1mb),

Racket is certainly not a minimal thing -- it has a lot of
functionality in its VM, which adds up to a large binary.  If you want
numbers, then currently the sizes of the executable (on a build that
does not split it to multiple .so files) is:

        i386   x86_64
  cgc   2.2mb  2.5mb
  3m    2.8mb  3.5mb

where "cgc" is an executable that uses the boehm conservative gc, and
3m uses a precise gc.

> for sawfish something minimal like tiny-scheme probably is a better
> fit.

For the record, there are other minimal schemes around that are way
better than tiny-scheme.  Tiny scheme is an extremely minimal
implementation that is regarded as a very bad implementation in most
scheme circles.  Using it for sawfish would be a mistake IMO, and not
a step forward from librep.

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