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On Mon, 14 May 2012 20:32:16 -0700
wrote Darth Emacs <darthemacs@xxxxxxxxx>:

>I came across this link for debian developers and maintainers. It might be
>worth following up:
>The debian maintainer of sawfish is listed as Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz:
>Hope it helps.

Not really:

For sawfish it is a sad situation that it have no maintainer who 
updated sawfish in debian. Many other dists use debians packages
and the most have also only sawfish 1.5.XXX with bugs 
(lost windows in sawfish, panel disappears ...) fix for a
long time. If sawfish don't find someone which maintain the debian
packages, the most people think after try sawfish as windowmanager
it is very buggy and remove/try a other.


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