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The lack of up-to-date DEB's doesn't help, and unfortunately it's not
working on the latest Ubuntu 12.04.

12.04 is broken with every sawfish version I've tried, and I've tried a
lot of them:

  1.5.2 (native)
  bleeding edge source (via git), after building libtool

(debs are compliments of http://www.nanolx.org/apt/pool/main/s/sawfish/)

With both my physical machine and a VM, I get the same problem:  After
about 2 minutes of use, all the windows freeze and am unable to move
them or focus.  Across all versions on all platforms even with Gnome
Classic installed.

Because I need to get work done, I'm just installing LinuxMint.  But
getting it on the latest Ubuntu, as well as some more up-to-date DEBS
would be a big win.

I'm willing to help with the effort too.

- h

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