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On Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 06:15:42PM -0500, Brett Viren wrote:
> I tried replacing "gnome-shell" with "sawfish" but then the option is
> no longer presented in GDM3's login screen.

If I understood you properly a goal was to run sawfish but to keep
gnome panels, backgrounds and the like.  I had at last an
opportunity to try that and the following worked for me with no

- start gnome session and run 'gnome-session-properties'
- in a list of autostart programs add an entry which executes
  'sawfish --replace'.
- logout and start a GNOME session again; sawfish is running as a
  window manager.

I tried that using all executables, sawfish including, from Fedora
rawhide (sawfish-1.8.91-2.fc17) and on a hardware which allows only
for a "fallback mode" so I do not know what effects would be in a
full blown gnome-shell.

Otherwise I have in gdm an option to run a sawfish session, thanks
to a file /usr/share/xsessions/sawfish.desktop supplied by a
'sawfish' package, but this gives you a bare-bones sawfish and it is
up to you to add other desktop elements to your liking.

It does not look to me like a serious "lock-in".


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