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I run a Fedora 15 here (test install). Gnome 3 is really
terrible. In the fallback mode i can use sawfish as default window
manager, but the fallback panel from gnome 3 is also terrible.
I will replace gnome-session with xfce-session (xfce4-settings-manager
is a good replacement for gnome-control-center). As replacement for
nautilus i will use pcmanfm (it is also no problem to run natilus in
xfce). Xfce-panel is also a good replacement for gnome-panel, the only
what i missing for the xfce-panel is byzanz-applet, music-player-applet,
revelation-applet and a ics applet like the gnome-clock-applet.

Kde with sawfish, it is no problem her but on my computer Qt/Kde
are never run so stable like gtk apps (this is not a flame, sometimes i
take a look in kde since ~15 years but i can't get it run stable). And
in kde-panel i miss many applets.

Here is what i need for a desktop pc (run 
on gentoo).
Gnome 3 is for me a "session-manager" for mobiles-phones and net-books.


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