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So, from all the reports I'm seeing Gnome 3 is really not going to work for 
me. It's designed to replicate a tablet/phone interface and I'm running a 
mouse/laptop interface. Plus, I like my sawfish WM and as we've discussed 
before there doesn't seem to be any way to put one's own WM into Gnome 3. I 
run Fedora and am currently on 13, but that's pretty close (or at) the end of 
its support life and I'm getting a new machine soon, so even putting Fedora 
14 on it would just delay things a little bit. So, before I start se4tting up 
my new machine I'd like to decide on a Desktop that I can put in from the 
start and configure to work with Sawfish. Any recommendations for what would 
be a good one? Does Sawfish work under KDE 4.7? Some people on the Register 
comments on Linus' trash-talking Gnome 3 have said that while KDE 4.0 was 
terrible, the more recent versions of 4 are much better. Other 
recommendations I've seen on there include LXDE and Xfce. Not sure I want to 
go that minimal, since there seem to be some issues with things like sound 

I hope people don't feel this is off-topic but with Gnome 2 effectively 
becoming obsolete, if sawfish is going to continue to be useful to people 
we'll need recommendations for usable maintained desktops on which sawfish 
can be run.

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