[Sawfish] possible infinite recursion?

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I was (positively) surprised to see that my favorite
window manager (for years, till it stopped working
with back then recent gnome) is back and supposed to
work with modern desktops once again.

I'm using Mageia, which is a fork of Mandriva, formerly
known as Mandrake, so I was looking for recent sawfish
packages and did find some for 1.8.1 in Mandriva.

few minutes later I had them rebuilt for Mageia, and
shortly after installed and ready for a first test.

which abrupty ended with:

Lisp backtrace:
#12  string-match ...
#11  string-split ...
#10  associate-categories ...
#9   fdo-menu-entry ...
#8   generate-apps-menu ...
#7   update-apps-menu ...
#6   run-byte-code ...
#4   make-structure (() #<closure 1b82980 @ user> #<closure 1b82958 @ user> user)
#2   load ...
#1   run-byte-code ...

error--> (bad-arg #<subr string-match> () 2)

a second test run with --interp gave the somewhat
more informative trace which can be found here:


removing /usr/share/applications/f-spot.desktop gives
a similar trace with epiphany.desktop instead.

rebuilding sawfish from prestine sources (as was
suggested to me on the unfortunately not very active
IRC channel) did not change a thing ...

the problem went away when I created a ~/.sawfish/rc
probably because the app menu building code wasn't
executed anymore (tx oGMo)

I presume something in some of the .desktop files
causes the sawfish/lisp code to recurse forever (well,
at least as long as the stack is :)

if you need any files or want me to test any fix,
just let me know ...

many thanks in advance,

Sawfish ML

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