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well, of course it's possible to run Sawfish in GNOME-3 - in fallback mode. 
That should be a drop-in replacement for GNOME-2, though it isn't. At least 
not until 3.2, though I haven't checked into 3.1.

Mario Blättermann - gnome-de and sawfish-de translator - said he's got problems 
running Sawfish directly when launching fallback mode, though. But `sawfish --
replace' works fine all the time...

Well, I wouldn't call XFCE minimal, it's lightweight, yes but not lacking 
major functionality.

Sawfish works pretty well with KDE4. You may experience one or two focus-issues 
with Plasma, when using enter-* mode, but that's it for now. Most issues are 
solved (some by Timo on our side, some by the KDE team).

The kde-int module does the rest. Adds KDEs .desktop-file path to Sawfish apps-
menu directory-list, adds several entries into Sawfishs root-menu (xfce-int, 
does that, too). My recommendation is KDE4.

LXDE is very lightweight, though it gets more and more stuff (session-manager, 
theme-settings, input-device-settings, menu-editor and more). I never used it 
up to now, though I'll add an lxde-int module to Sawfish 1.9. 

Maybe someone of you got a clue: how can I distinguish between a running 
GNOME2 instance Vs a running GNOME3 instance? the current detection works for 
both, so it's not optimal.


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