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Hi Xavier,

Thank you for your reply and all the answers.

I am familiar with subversion tools (actually I prefer).

I will try to manage the French source, I am also thinking to start learning French at least to speak/read basic things.

We shall keep in touch.

Best regards, Uros.

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On Sun, 1 Apr 2012 14:53:11 +0200 "Xavier G." <xavier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Le dimanche 01 avril 2012 10:39:15 Uros Platise, vous avez écrit :
> > Hi Xavier,
> Hello Uros,
> > I would like to promote your product and translate it to Slovenian
> > language and also to add our elements (products for peak power reduction
> > and demand side management) into your standard database.
> > 
> > Please inform me about the procedure and thank you for the good work.
> Regarding your elements integration: please send a dedicated mail to 
> qet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your elements (directories, qet_directory and 
> .elmt files) in a ZIP or .tar.gz archive. Laurent (aka scorpio) will take 
> tcare to review your work and integrate it into the collection we provide.
> Regarding the translation to Slovenian, the following page sums up what 
> needs to be translated:
> http://qelectrotech.org/wiki/en/doc/translation
> Translators generally begin by translating the application itself using Qt 
> Linguist. A few questions:
> * Due to the project history, source strings are still in French, though 
> there is a qet_en.ts file that associates French source strings with their 
> English equivalent. Are you fine with that?
> * Do you know the Subversion tool? It is useful if you want to "commit" your 
> own work like other members of the team.
> > I
> > needed a couple of minutes to capture the overall idea to draw the first
> > panel.
> > 
> > Maybe some kind of table generation below the loads might be needed for
> > further description of the load properties, which could be done by
> > simply drawing non-wire lines.
> > With best regards, Uros.
> > BTW: We are also starting collaboration with the EDF.
> This may interest Benoît, who works at ErDF, the EDF subsidiary that takes 
> care of the distribution network.
> Regards,

General Manager

Energy Conductors, http://www.energyConductors.com
tel: +386 (0)1 5003 100, gsm: +386 41 921 534
Email: uros.platise@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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