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Le dimanche 01 avril 2012 10:39:15 Uros Platise, vous avez écrit :
> Hi Xavier,
Hello Uros,

> I would like to promote your product and translate it to Slovenian
> language and also to add our elements (products for peak power reduction
> and demand side management) into your standard database.
> Please inform me about the procedure and thank you for the good work.
Regarding your elements integration: please send a dedicated mail to 
qet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your elements (directories, qet_directory and 
.elmt files) in a ZIP or .tar.gz archive. Laurent (aka scorpio) will take 
tcare to review your work and integrate it into the collection we provide.

Regarding the translation to Slovenian, the following page sums up what 
needs to be translated:
Translators generally begin by translating the application itself using Qt 
Linguist. A few questions:
* Due to the project history, source strings are still in French, though 
there is a qet_en.ts file that associates French source strings with their 
English equivalent. Are you fine with that?
* Do you know the Subversion tool? It is useful if you want to "commit" your 
own work like other members of the team.

> I
> needed a couple of minutes to capture the overall idea to draw the first
> panel.
> Maybe some kind of table generation below the loads might be needed for
> further description of the load properties, which could be done by
> simply drawing non-wire lines.

> With best regards, Uros.
> BTW: We are also starting collaboration with the EDF.
This may interest Benoît, who works at ErDF, the EDF subsidiary that takes 
care of the distribution network.

Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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