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Le samedi 13 mars 2010 13:40:10 Paweł Śmiech, vous avez écrit :
> Hello Xavier
Hello Paweł,
> Currently in Poland takes hasty translation of IEC standards into
> Polish, a number of terms translated word for word.
> Polish electricians often use the standards in the original languages,
> English and French.
> I like the program QElectroTech, there is no such software on Linux.
> I would like to Polish translation QElectroTech was better quality than
> the standard PN-IEC ...
> I work as an electrical technician at Valeo and often have to deal with
> documentation in French.
Since the program defaults to English language when the user language is not 
available in an element, you have the following options when it comes to 
translate the elements collecton:
  * not to translate it at all - English will then be used;
  * copy the English (or French) names to the Polish translation;
  * translate them as best as you can in Polish.
This choice is up to you.

> Trial formed the basis of your get_pl.ts is get_cs.ts translated in 15%,
> based on French and English,
> if in doubt, Czech and Russian version. I studied Russian language for 6
> years.
> Regarding the interface of the program are the standard terms should not
> be a problem.
Great :)

> Problems may be with Git and Subversion never used the now looking for
> information on this subject.
Regarding Git: it has only been used to `give' the Czech translation of the 
Qt toolkit (qt_cs.ts file) to Nokia. There is no need to do this work for 
the Polish language since Nokia already provides a Polish translation (see 
attached file qt_pl.ts).

Regarding Subversion: well, we have a little introduction here:
and there:
.. but it's kind of useless if you don't have any write access to the 

At first, I invite you to focus on the translation itself. However, if you 
could subscribe to TuxFamily:
... that would allow me to add you to the QElectroTech project. You will 
then be able to perform an `identified check out', which will then allow you 
to upload your work yourself. If by chance, you don't have any time to learn 
Subversion, then sending your work to me by mail is just ok :)
> Regards
Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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