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Le mardi 09 mars 2010 17:19:21 Paweł Śmiech, vous avez écrit :
> hello
Hello Paweł,

> I am an electrician for 20 years, very well know Electrotechnical
> terminology, poorly know English, if I can help with translations of the
> program are willing to take care of it
Yes, we'd be glad to be translated to another language :)

Currently, the translations are made from French to other languages rather 
than from English. However, since I take care of the English translations, I 
assume you can use the English strings to translate the original French 

Please read http://qelectrotech.org/wiki/en/doc/translation to ensure you 
really wish to translate QElectroTech to Polish. Then I guess you'll have a 
few questions for me :)

> Paweł Śmiech
> Poland

Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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