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Le mercredi 07 octobre 2009 07:59:06 Pavel Fric, vous avez écrit :
> Hi,

> Here it is.
I have added your file (and the generated .qm file) to our Subversion 
repository (revision 761) :)
You can consult the translation status here :
> In the folder with this file there is any qt.ts too, but I have no idea
>  if this is the file that is needed to translate the names of elements
>  too.
No, qt.ts is the file used to translate any string coming from the Qt 
library itself, e.g. strings like "Yes", "No", "Cancel", or standard dialogs 
like "Open file", "Save as", etc.
Nokia/Qt Software usually provides this file with a complete or quite 
advanced translation. However, I've just looked into Qt sources, and they do 
not provide any translation yet for czech. I guess we'll have to find an 
independent czech translation of the Qt library, or translate the most 
important strings ourselves.
Each element, as a .elmt file, embeds the translations of its name : you can 
edit these translations using a text editor or using QElectroTech's element 

> Before many years my father tried to study VUT v Brně - electrotechnics,
>  but didn 't finished it frome some reasons. This may be sometimes
>  difficult. My grandfather worked as wireman. So here is some part of my
>  motivation. Me myself I am humatitarian oriented - for example I studied
>  french for 4 years too on gymnasium (lycée en francais?). And I have
>  pedagogical minimum. I thing that the application will be very useful
>  for plenty of people.
Ok. Most people in the team are professionals or students in 
electrotechnics. However, as an I.T. worker, I don't even have a basic 
knowledge of electricity :) So welcome in our team :) I've added your email 
address to our mailing list ( qet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ).

You appears to love Qt/KDE applications. By chance, would you know 
Subversion ? We have here ( http://qelectrotech.org/wiki/doc/subversion ) a 
small How-to for using our Subversion repository. You'll need this to 
maintain and update your translations.

Also, you'll need to register to TuxFamily (our wonderful hoster) :

> I have interest to maintain and perfect the translation and join the team
>  with this part, that I can contribute - I saw the translators named in
>  it.
Indeed, your name will be added in the "About QElectrotech" dialog for the 
next release.
> I founded blog fripohled.blogspot.com, where I have been already posted
>  the small article about my work on QElectroTech, so in credits or so
>  there could be placed information about this site, where the users can
>  comment used terminology for elements when translated.
Well, yes, it is feasible in the CREDITS file - however, the "About 
QElectrotech" dialog is currently limited to language, name of the 
translator and email.

> Greetings, Pavel Fric

Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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