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I registered on TuxFamily, but it seems to me more difficult, when my terminal doesn't know the commands (I have installed Mandriva 2010beta): bash: svn etc, that I copied from "doc:subversion..." page. Probably something is missing on my PC. Perhaps I will try to use my notebook for these commands, maybe it will work faster...

It is something more than my usual habits. :-)

I opened some "elements" (downloaded 0.2 branch) in editor of elements or in KWrite, so I saw how the adding of a new row with language and name works.

For the time now I would like to ask you to send me the main file to be updated. And tarball with elements - simply "the files" I should download myself, to be worked on, and then sent to you to be checked and samehow uploaded. Of course it would be better when I could make the changes and update via the system.

Pavel Fric

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