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On 3/1/20 11:27 AM, Vincent Rivière wrote:
On 01/03/2020 at 00:01, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Your video looks very nice, like all the earlier ones you've done.

Thanks :-)
For those "quick and dirty" videos, I don't provide subtitles, because that's too much work. But I'm glad that you still understood it.

Youtube provides autogenerated subtitles for
videos, and from settings one can select those
to be translated to another language, in my case

The result of these two "translation" passes was
gibberish though.  Although I've never learned
French, I understood your speech much better than
Google's machine generated efforts...

(You speak clearly and Anglo-Saxon languages loan enough words from each other that knowing English
and e.g. Swedish or German, gives some handle also
on French, especially on a subject that one knows
already well.)

BTW: I plan to speak again about the topics of those quick videos, later, in fully-edited quality videos. And of course there will be English subtitles. But that's not for now.

Regarding faster startup, another thing affecting
it quite a bit is cycle-exact FDC emulation, that
can be turned off by enabling "Floppy disks"
-> "Fast floppy access".

Indeed, I forgot that option!
But I've just made a quick test. With the Ghosts'n Goblins STX, it actually crashes at startup with a double Bus Error. So I'm glad I didn't introduce it in this first Hatari overview.

STX format may need more accurate FDC.  Nicolas?

(Ctrl-X shortcut might have been introduced also
already when talking about faster TOS startup.)

Do you mean AltGr+X for Fast Forward, as I shown at the end when loading Ghosts'n Goblins? Or something else?

Yes, I meant AltGr+X.

When changing options from Hatari Options GUI,
I think it's much faster to OK things with
Return/Enter than using mouse.

Sure. But generally, in videos, I prefer using the mouse to show precisely what I do. And I must admit that I never noticed that it was possible to use the Enter key to activate the button highlighted in light gray. I will use it for myself, for sure. And the Esc key as well.

Keyboard & joystick navigation in the Options
UI is fairly recent feature, less than 5 years
old. :-)

	- Eero

To exit Hatari faster, you can start Hatari with
"--confirm-quit off" command line argument and
save Hatari options, then do quitting with
the AltGr-Q shortcut.

Indeed, I always use "--confirm-quit false" for myself, because that confirmation dialog is just annoying. This is specially true as I never use Hatari to really "use" Atari software. I only use it to test EmuTOS, floppies... and I never have something useful which might be lost. I planned to speak about that option in my video, then finally I didn't, in order to show only essential options for basic usage.

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