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On 01/03/2020 at 00:01, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Your video looks very nice, like all the earlier ones you've done.

Thanks :-)
For those "quick and dirty" videos, I don't provide subtitles, because that's too much work. But I'm glad that you still understood it.

BTW: I plan to speak again about the topics of those quick videos, later, in fully-edited quality videos. And of course there will be English subtitles. But that's not for now.

Regarding faster startup, another thing affecting
it quite a bit is cycle-exact FDC emulation, that
can be turned off by enabling "Floppy disks"
-> "Fast floppy access".

Indeed, I forgot that option!
But I've just made a quick test. With the Ghosts'n Goblins STX, it actually crashes at startup with a double Bus Error. So I'm glad I didn't introduce it in this first Hatari overview.

(Ctrl-X shortcut might have been introduced also
already when talking about faster TOS startup.)

Do you mean AltGr+X for Fast Forward, as I shown at the end when loading Ghosts'n Goblins? Or something else?

When changing options from Hatari Options GUI,
I think it's much faster to OK things with
Return/Enter than using mouse.

Sure. But generally, in videos, I prefer using the mouse to show precisely what I do. And I must admit that I never noticed that it was possible to use the Enter key to activate the button highlighted in light gray. I will use it for myself, for sure. And the Esc key as well.

To exit Hatari faster, you can start Hatari with
"--confirm-quit off" command line argument and
save Hatari options, then do quitting with
the AltGr-Q shortcut.

Indeed, I always use "--confirm-quit false" for myself, because that confirmation dialog is just annoying. This is specially true as I never use Hatari to really "use" Atari software. I only use it to test EmuTOS, floppies... and I never have something useful which might be lost. I planned to speak about that option in my video, then finally I didn't, in order to show only essential options for basic usage.

Vincent Rivière

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