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On 2/29/20 8:43 AM, Vincent Rivière wrote:
I have just made a quick (but quite long) video tutorial about installing Hatari on Ubuntu. This is French only (no subtitles), but may provide a few hints to newcomers.

Your video looks very nice, like all the earlier ones you've done.

Regarding faster startup, another thing affecting
it quite a bit is cycle-exact FDC emulation, that
can be turned off by enabling "Floppy disks"
-> "Fast floppy access".

(Ctrl-X shortcut might have been introduced also
already when talking about faster TOS startup.)

When changing options from Hatari Options GUI,
I think it's much faster to OK things with
Return/Enter than using mouse.

To exit Hatari faster, you can start Hatari with
"--confirm-quit off" command line argument and
save Hatari options, then do quitting with
the AltGr-Q shortcut.

	- Eero

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