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Le 22/03/2015 20:34, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> Hi,
> On lauantai 21 maaliskuu 2015, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
>> Since there is now MMU Emulation, does it mean something like NetBSD and
>> Linux Atari ports could theoretically work ?
> Yes.  Hatari Mercurial version uses latest WinUAE CPU core
> and Amiga NetBSD works with WinUAE, so MMU emulation should
> be good enough for Atari NetBSD too.
>> Quite curious to see if a NetBSD kernel for Falcon would boot.
> If you have time to test that, please tell how it went! :-)

Just had a look at that this t:
the kernel loader loadbsd.ttp can load a kernel from a floppy but
exec'ing it hangs the machine:

Bus error lput at 00bbc2f4
M68000 Bus Error writing at address $bbc2f4 PC=$1259f6.
Exception 2 (1259f6) at 1259f6 -> 21ca!
PTESTW 08,00000000,#7 PC=00002258
PMOVE MMUSR,00000000 PC=0000225C

See that screenshot on imgur.

(don't be fooled by the first kernel netbsd.gz was loaded OK, the loader
was not exec'ing the kernel that time)

That was a funny try anyway !

Docs used:
for the general procedure, and
for the loadbsd command options

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