[hatari-users] Freemint Trunk ( Helmut's branch) on Hatari

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Hello List
I just want to report that latest Hatari works very well with latest
Freemint trunk (using a emulated Atari 520 STE)

I used Hatari to install Freemint in a disk image, I dd then the imagetp
 a sd card, and boot the SD card to the real HW using an Ultra Satan
adapter. Everything works as espected, and the Freemint software bugs I
noticed where exatly the same on Hatari and the STE.

The most tricky part was to find an XHDI compatible Hard Disk Driver
that Hatari would accept. Finally I found out CBHD, and it's doing well
exept for the partitioning which I had to do outside Hatari using the
SCSItools package

I uploaded an acsi disk image with the CBHD driver here:


the first partition ist BGM, the second ist GEM < 32 MB for data
exchange , and the third is raw, ready to be formatted with ext2 or minix !

By the way are there any plans to had some kind of Ethernec emulation
for Hatari, or are you rather interested on the demo / gaming side of
things ?



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