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On lauantai 09 elokuu 2014, Ingo Schmidt wrote:
> > AFAIK Skulldig is an STE game.
> If Skulldig is the same as Skull Diggery, then it is not an STE game
> (unless an STE version has been released, too, but I wouldn't know that).

Ah, I confused it with "Skulls", which is STE only.

> I know this, because that was the game that my parents had bought along
> with the very first Atari computer. So a lot of memories here for me :)
> It is also on Automation Disc 83, where it works fine. Unfortunately in
> ST-low, it was much better playable in black&white.

Most of the cracks seems to break B&W support in games that supported
both color & mono.  This meant that I couldn't play Starglider I as
I'm used to, until Nicolas added STX support. :-)

(I own both SG I & II, but I like v1 more for its straighforward game play.)

> The game had some kind of protection so that you needed an original disk.

Really?  The version I have is v5.2 from ST Action coverdisk (1987)
and it works fine from harddisk.

> Anyway, I have just successfully tested it from Automation 83 on Hatari
> 1.8.0 on Linux.

	- Eero

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