Re: [hatari-users] Minor Problems with Falcon Emulation

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I recommend just recording the audio into some sampling software (e.g. Audacity in loopback mode). This way it's easy to see how broken the audio can get.
Ok, thanks, will give that a go eventually.

Having said that it's not always wrong - it varies. Try toggling the sound quality setting on the audio dialog between 11khz and 50khz several times to see if the noise increases/decreases at random.

If the noise level seems to change or clear up then you're experiencing the same problem we are. If the noise level remains the same, it is perhaps something else.
I have done some experiments:
- Desktop-PC with fairly decent AMD CPU: perfect sound
- HTPC with energy saving Intel CPU: noisy sound

And you are right: It does vary when I change the frequency. Best results so far for me was to have 50066 Hz on the desktop PC.

Looks like my HTPC needs a CPU upgrade :)

Cheers, Curly060 =;->

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