Re: [hatari-users] Hatari Win32 builds with mingw

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Hello Nicolas,

Under linux, run "./configure --cross-compile-win32" then "make".

You will need to install mingw and the mingw version of sdl, unzip, ... (use the ones provided by your linux distribution, no need to compile these yourself) 

You might need to edit "Toolchain-mingw32.cmake" if it doesn't find your libraries.

Thanks. I now see there are problems with Cygwin + MinGW generally (I always avoided MinGW in the past so I don't have much experience with it), so I can't use that route even if it would be more convenient for me. 

I will set up a Linux VM and try building from there...

In any case it is somewhat more important that I have a Win32 Hatari executable, than the ability to build Hatari from Windows... it was just a convenience thing.

I think this is a more general SDL issue, maybe some missing video options when you compiled it ?
You should look in SDL forum, I don't think your error message is related to Hatari.

That seems likely. I will probably return to this and do some SDL specific tests before trying to build Hatari again.


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