[hatari-users] Hatari Win32 builds with mingw

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Is there a guide in existence describing how to building a Win32 executable of Hatari from a Linux environment?

I had a quick try from Cygwin using this (from the hatari/build path):

 cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=Toolchain-mingw32.cmake ..; make clean; make

...however it just created another (nonworking) Cygwin executable as if -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE had been ignored and I didn't notice any errors from cmake regarding mingw... there could be an environmental configuration issue on my system or I could be invoking the build in the wrong way. 

Any kind of 'first steps build guide' would be handy for quickly eliminating mistakes/misunderstandings at my side and getting access to the new Hatari profiling features.

Note: A native Cygwin build does complete without errors and produces an executable, but when run it exits with an SDL configuration / missing video device error. This is probably also an environmental/SDL config problem at my side but it seems like less trouble to just follow the MinGW build procedure others have been using?

Any help or links appreciated!


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