[hatari-users] Hatari Win32 builds with Cygwin - now working

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Hello again,

I was eventually able to get Hatari working under Cygwin, after some messing around with Cygwin dependencies and SDL builds. :-)

So the next thing I need to find out is what Hatari build configuration should be used to access the cache miss data in the profiler? 

When I run Hatari I see the following, before the main window & UI appears.

$ ./hatari.exe
Hatari v1.6.2, compiled on:  Jan 27 2013, 14:35:49
Configured max Hatari resolution = 832x576.
Building CPU table for configuration: 68EC020/881 (compatible mode)

When I look at the 'System' page in the UI, it looks different from the one I am used to from the public v1.6.2 Win32 binary distribution - there is no 'cycle accurate' mode for example, and fewer options generally.

Anyway it seems like I'm getting very close to being able to experiment with this, even if I'm not sure it's quite correct yet... 

I'll now go back through previous correspondence on Atari-Forum to collect any missed details on configuring the build for UAE/WinUAE cores...

Thanks again,

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