Re: [hatari-devel] HATARI: no emulation of a Real SF354 Single Sided drive

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Le 08/10/2022 à 23:09, Simone Voltolini a écrit :
If you produce it you can see it because the problem is not in the conversion but in the emulation.

I’ve cloned and on my ST520 works perfectly but only on the SF 354 drive.

in your tests, nothing shows that the STX works on real machine.

you made an SCP image and then recreated a floppy from the SCP image to test it on your real ST, so this prooves that the SCP image is correct.

but then you create an STX image from this SCP and test it under emulation with Hatari.

Now, either hatari has a bug, which is possible, or the converted STX is not complete and doesn't include all the date (protection) from the SCP image. Maybe HxC doesn't support creating an STX image from this specific game ?

When I add some traces to Hatari for STX, it reports that the game uses the "read track" command for several tracks, but the STX file doesn't contain the "raw" track data, it only contains the sector and no gap/timing information. If the game relies on some results from the read track for its protection, then it's likely to fail.

On the opposite, the version at atarimania contains the raw track content for every track.

Can you try your STX file under Windows using Steem and the official STX library ? If your file works, then it's a bug in Hatari. If it doesn't work, then it's the conversion made by HxC that is at fault.

My guess from the traces is that the conversion is not correct, but it has nothing to do with single/double sided drive,some data are just missing from the stx file (but I might be wrong if the same stx file correctly runs under Windows with steem)

you can also post on, there're several people used to dump / preserve ST floppies and Ijor (STX format author) is also there and could check your stx file to be sure.


The protection check if there is a real Single Sided drive connected, seems.

This version is different from the one dumped on AtariMania, is the first print in Double Jewel like Xevious.

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