Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari screen updating bug?

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On 8.10.2022 11.24, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 07/10/2022 à 23:57, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
There's an odd issue with demo here:

Under Falcon emulation, its main menu gets Hatari to a state where e.g. statusbar does not get refreshed when toggling fast forward, and screen is not refreshed when Hatari options dialog goes away.

Note that this happens only with TOS v4 as that demo panics EmuTOS before it reaches this point.

maybe a video mode / resolution for falcon that confuses the SDL UI, making it believe the UI has the wrong size and not refreshing the correct area ?

did it work with previous Hatari version to see if this can be bisected with git ?

It happens also with Hatari v.2.3.1.

That version still has the useful warnings about weird resolutions, and such thing could indeed be the trigger:
WARN : Strange screen size 320x50 -> aspect corrected by 1x4!
WARN : Strange screen size 320x25 -> aspect corrected by 1x8!
WARN : Strange screen size 320x12 -> aspect corrected by 1x16!
WARN : Strange screen size 320x6 -> aspect corrected by 1x32!
WARN : Strange screen size 320x3 -> aspect corrected by 1x64!
WARN : Strange screen size 320x1 -> aspect corrected by 1x256!

I guess Hatari Videl emulation / SDL2 code has some bug regarding Atari screen sizes with height of 1...

	- Eero

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