Re: [hatari-devel] defaulting to SMALL_MEM

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Am Mon, 7 Feb 2022 10:12:19 -0800
schrieb M Grove <1982kx250@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello all,
> Only recently signed up to the mailing list, hope this goes out to
> all :)
> The memory error seems related to post already made. Did cause me to
> think and ask if TOS 2.07 (Sparrow TOS) has been tested?
> According to documents, Sparrow supports 1,4,8,14 MB of ST RAM, where
> the Falcon 1,4,14.

I haven't tested TOS 2.07 in recent times, but Hatari does not really
emulate the hardware of the Sparrow anyway. There are some few hacks in
the code base to get TOS 2.07 working in Falcon mode, but that's really
more a Falcon than a real Sparrow that you get in this mode.


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