Re: [hatari-devel] defaulting to SMALL_MEM (was: Hatari on constrained devices)

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Christian Zietz schrieb:

There seems to be something amiss with the Falcon emulation in general.
Even if I start Hatari with "-s 4 --machine falcon --tos TOS404.IMG",
i.e, a supported RAM size, I just get a black window for a few seconds
which then closes without any error message. In contrast, EmuTOS boots
under Falcon emulation.
This is with commit 175b878a, either using my own Windows builds or the
one from

Loading it into WinDbg yields the following information:

(b00.4c70): Access violation - code c0000005 (first chance)
00007ff6`df78841e 448b19          mov     r11d,dword ptr [rcx] ds:000002dd`481ac000=????????

0:000> k
 # Child-SP          RetAddr               Call Site
00 000000ee`aa9ff1b8 00007ff6`df789718     hatari_win64_debug!Screen_BitplaneToChunky32+0xc [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\screenConvert..c @ 205]
01 000000ee`aa9ff1d0 00007ff6`df7a2dc5     hatari_win64_debug!Screen_GenConvert+0x91e [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\screenConvert.c @ 343]
02 000000ee`aa9ff350 00007ff6`df798f5e     hatari_win64_debug!VIDEL_renderScreen+0x3f5 [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\falcon\videl.c @ 1007]
03 000000ee`aa9ff3f0 00007ff6`df74dfdf     hatari_win64_debug!Video_InterruptHandler_VBL+0x270 [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\video.c @ 4373]
04 000000ee`aa9ff470 00007ff6`df7cf251     hatari_win64_debug!CycInt_CallActiveHandler+0x30 [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\cycInt.c @ 784]
05 000000ee`aa9ff4a0 00007ff6`df7cca61     hatari_win64_debug!m68k_run_2ce+0x31d [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\includes\cycInt.h @ 135]
06 000000ee`aa9ff520 00007ff6`df776463     hatari_win64_debug!m68k_go+0x266 [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\cpu\newcpu.c @ 7608]
07 000000ee`aa9ff580 00007ff6`df777b46     hatari_win64_debug!M68000_Start+0x30 [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\m68000.c @ 301]
08 000000ee`aa9ff5b0 00007ff6`e0199f71     hatari_win64_debug!SDL_main+0x4a5 [\home\hatari\hatari-builder2\hatari\src\main.c @ 966]
09 000000ee`aa9ff690 00007ff6`df7413c1     hatari_win64_debug!Disasm_ParseOption+0x144e
0a 000000ee`aa9ff720 00007ff6`df7414d6     hatari_win64_debug!public_all+0x3c1
0b 000000ee`aa9ff7f0 00007ffe`79c37034     hatari_win64_debug!public_all+0x4d6
0c 000000ee`aa9ff820 00007ffe`79e82651     KERNEL32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x14
0d 000000ee`aa9ff850 00000000`00000000     ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x21

0:000> dt STRam
0x000002dd`47dab040  "`.???"
0:000> ? @rcx - @@(STRam)
Evaluate expression: 4198336 = 00000000`00400fc0

As you can see, it crashes in Screen_BitplaneToChunky32() while
accessing 0x000002dd`481ac000. This is 0x400FC0 past the start of STRAM
(at 0x000002dd`47dab040). Thus, Hatari's "VIDEL" tries to read past the
end of STRAM. With SMALL_MEM, this address can point into non-allocated
memory, resulting in the access violation and ultimately the crash.

I'll leave it to someone familiar with the VIDEL emulation to figure out


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