Re: [hatari-devel] Enhanced keymap support

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Attached is new version of the patch series, with
following changes:

* Fix: KeysDown[] cleared on reset
* Fix: KeysDown[scancode] cleared on mapping
* Same SDL scancode can have multiple mappings
* Special handling for SHIFT, so that one does
  not need two mappings unless one really wants
  separate mappings for left & right SHIFT
* "KMOD_" prefixed dropped from SDL modifier names
* dec -> hex conversion patch dropped

Attached is also keymap file containing examples
of the mappings with documentation.

SDL scancode names used in mapping file need to
match case of their SDL names.  To help with that,
I've added "listkeys" program back to Hatari.

Modifier names need to be specified as upper case.
That way they're easier to differentiate from SDL
scancode names which are CamelCase.

Vincent, could you give it a try?

Thomas, would you have time to check the commits?

	- Eero

PS. in the mapping file, I'm using "CTRL" for SDL
modifier name, but "CONTROL" for Atari modifier

* SDL mod name comes from SDL KMOD_CTRL define
  and SDL's own name for the key:

* Atari mod name comes from the name of the key
  on the actual Atari keyboard:

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