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Attached is a new version.

It fixes one (embarrasing) crash bug, and adds functionality to prevent SDL key combos that may
cause trouble.

Still to do: Get back use of SDL key names, for
backwards compatibility to existing keymaps
(other than Vincent's).

	- Eero

On 27.10.2021 23.36, Eero Tamminen wrote:

Vincent, attached is patch series implementing
something similar to your original changes.

Could you test (and review) the changes?

just save the attached files and apply on top
of Hatari master branch with:
     git am 0*.patch

Keymap files you used with your own patch, should
work after you remove modmasks from them.

As discussed earlier, it does not support PC mod
mask, just unconditionally masks NumLock out
when comparing against loaded mappings.

Parsing should be more robust (and gives much
more detailed error output), and there's special
support for ALT-XXX codes.

They are specified like this:
<PC scancode>[|<modifiers>],ALT_XXX|<scancode>

For example, this maps '§' PC key to Atari 'µ'
character (230/0x36):
     0x35, ALT_XXX|0xe6

Because modifiers are now internally handled as
bitmasks, they can be specified both for PC and ST
side in any order.  Hatari code will always insert
them in the same (ST_Modifiers[] array) order.

I'm interested whether my version helps with
the problem of multiple modifier keys being kept
down that you documented here:

(And of course whether there are additional
problems compared to your patch.)

     - Eero

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