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On 25/10/2021 11.22, D C wrote:
I normally build and run Hatari through Visual Studio since I prefer their debugger (but with a custom project/solution file and not through cmake).
I don't recall any show stoppers getting it to build.

That being said, it's been a while and I remember there being a lot of warnings and errors that need to be fixed such as includes for unistd.h or dirent.h and related calls which don't normally exist on windows and haven't been wrapped with ifdefs or converted to the windows equivalents. There are also some issues that need fixing if you're building with unicode support as well.

FWIW, we're testing building with Visual Studio in the CI nowadays and it's building fine there:

So you could use the build script from the CI as instructions how to recreate that build on your own:


It's definitely simpler to just build using cmake and mingw unless you want to spend some time going through all the errors and warnings.

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Secondly, anyone has any successes with building Hatari with Visual
Studio and CMake (VS2019 should have c99 support as far I know)? Any
show stoppers before I dive in? On first glance SDL2 and other
dependencies prebuild dependencies should be setup (without pkg-config)
along with VS2019 custom flags.

Pawel Goralski

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