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Attached is patch which drops the configuration
option and will always try to default disassembly
to an address slightly before PC (instead to PC),
when entering the debugger, if history is enabled.

Because it uses history, disassembly should always
start from a valid instruction address.

Only downside is that one never knows whether
there will none, one, or few instructions shown
before PC (when history is enabled).

Now that the PC position is shown in disassembly,
is this problem for somebody?

FYI: it looks like this:
> history on
Re-allocating & zeroing history due to type/limit change.
History tracking enabled for CPU & DSP (max. 64 instructions).
> d
$00e1d7e6 : 46c0                               move      d0,sr
$00e1d7e8 : 4e75                               rts
> c 8
Returning to emulation for 8 CPU instructions...

CPU=$e0e83c, VBL=14571, FrameCycles=364, HBL=0, LineCycles=364, DSP=$0
$00e0e83c : 2f02                               move.l    d2,-(sp)
> d
$00e0e83a : 2f03                               move.l    d3,-(sp)
$00e0e83c : 2f02                               move.l    d2,-(sp)
$00e0e83e : 4a79 0000 40c0                     tst.w     $40c0
> c 16
Returning to emulation for 16 CPU instructions...

CPU=$e0e8b8, VBL=14571, FrameCycles=532, HBL=1, LineCycles=20, DSP=$0
$00e0e8b8 : 241f                               move.l    (sp)+,d2
> d
$00e0e8b8 : 241f                               move.l    (sp)+,d2
$00e0e8ba : 261f                               move.l    (sp)+,d3
$00e0e8bc : 4e75                               rts
> c 3
Returning to emulation for 3 CPU instructions...

CPU=$e00866, VBL=14571, FrameCycles=572, HBL=1, LineCycles=60, DSP=$0
$00e00866 : 4eb9 00e1 23a8                     jsr       $e123a8
> d
$00e00858 : 48e7 fffe                          movem.l   d0-d7/a0-a6,-(sp)
$00e0085c : 52b8 0462                          addq.l    #1,$0462.w
$00e00860 : 4eb9 00e0 e83a                     jsr       $e0e83a
$00e00866 : 4eb9 00e1 23a8                     jsr       $e123a8
$00e0086c : 2038 045a                          move.l    $045a.w,d0

	- Eero

On 19.9.2021 1.06, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 14.9.2021 0.01, Eero Tamminen wrote:
I've pushed the 'step' & 'next' commands repeat
support, so that patch can be dropped from the

(I'm interested to hear what others think of it.)

Rest of the features are waiting for testing
feedback before I'll consider pushing them.

I reworked the patch showing PC location in
disassembly, and pushed that too.

I.e. you need now to apply only "Add config option
to specify PC offset for disassembly default
address" patch to Hatari Git version before
testing the debugger changes.

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