Re: [hatari-devel] Strange distortions when booting in fullscreen

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On Sonntag, 5. September 2021 00:22:40 CEST Eero Tamminen wrote:

> I have noticed fullscreen toggling to affect

> this, so that Hatari does not restore the original

> filtering when coming back


Hm, that would mean the original filtering mode is bad, and after switching it only looks ok by chance?


BTW, similar effect can also be achieved by using some system key that pops up some dialog (alt-tab or similar), causing Hatari to loose the focus.


BTW2, its not only the Atari screen that is affected, also the SDL GUI.


>Unusable in which way? Could it be e.g. TOS

>version issue?


Hm, could be. I used EmuTOS first, but i've replaced it now with a newer version, and that issue seems to have gone. The sympton was that the mouse cursor hopped around like mad.

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