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On 3.9.2021 16.31, Thorsten Otto wrote:
With the images recently posted on atari-forum
viewtopic.php?f=51&t=40872 , i have some strange effects. I'm using the config
file he posted a liittle bit later, which boots up in fullscreen mode. It is
set up to boot in in 1024x768 in 16 colors (in my case on a 1920x1080 screen).
After boot, the font looks really ugly. Strangely that goes away when i toggle
fullscreen off, then on again. Could that be some setting that is not applied
on startup? I've also tried to take a screenshot, but that looks normal, too,
so its a bit hard to describe. I could imagine that it is related to some
antialias setting.

In v2.3.0 release, Hatari started to select
SDL buffer scaling quality (SDL filtering mode)
automatically.  Bilinear if Hatari screen size
is not evenly divisible by Atari screen size,
and nearest neighbor if it is.

Reason for this is that while nearest neighbor
provides crisp gfx when things are evenly divisible, otherwise it can look horrible.
Bilinear looks slightly blurry, but otherwise

I have noticed fullscreen toggling to affect
this, so that Hatari does not restore the original
filtering when coming back.  I tried to debug it
a while ago but did not find root cause. if I
remember correctly, toggling to fullscreen and
back was causing Hatari window size to change for
some reason.

Also, the mouse is mostly unusable while running Xboot from the auto-folder.

Unusable in which way?  Could it be e.g. TOS
version issue?

	- Eero

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