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On 12/19/20 7:23 PM, Jens Guenther wrote:
Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Isn't it enough to click hatariui window again to get it focused again?

It's enough to click ...

Ok, I think that's good enough.

I've also once managed to fullscreen Hatari so
that I still see hatariui with black screen,
by typing F11 while clicking around.  I was
confused for a while, until I realized that
WM had somehow messed up and left me with
hatariui after Hatari was fullscreened, ie.
I just needed to Alt-TAB to the fullscreen
Hatari to resume things to normalcy.

Could you try with the attached patch?

"SDL_WINDOW_HIDDEN" fixes it! :-) Tested on "BunsenLabs" and "ArcoLinux":
no black area in "hatariui" after toggling full screen or on startup! :-)

Thanks for testing, I'll push that fix.

What's the complaint?

   File "./", line 161, in _add_uisocket
     monitor  = Gdk.Display.get_default().get_primary_monitor()
AttributeError: 'X11Display' object has no attribute 'get_primary_monitor'

Does it have Gtk v3.22 or newer?

And if yes, does it complain also if you change
that to:

	- Eero

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