Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari window embedding issue (was: Preparing hatari 2.3.1)

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On 12/15/20 11:09 AM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 14/12/2020 à 23:55, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
In case it's more of a SDL2 than Hatari issue,
I would be interested if others can reproduce
the issue with newer SDL2 version than I have
(v2.0.9).  Or different Gtk version (v3.22).

I get the same issue ; using sdl 2.0.12 and gtk 3.23.

Ok, so the latest SDL2 in Debian (or slightly
newer Gtk) doesn't help.

Thanks for testing!

No idea where this comes from, would need more time to look at this, I'm not familiar with this part of the code.

Does it work if you use an older version of hatari (2.2) with the same systems libs ?

Problem is there also with the same SDL2
version when using Hatari v2.2.0, so it
doesn't seem to be a Hatari regression.

Note: embedding works with SDL v1.2.15, so
it's a problem only with SDL v2.x.

I think it needs to be worked around in Hatari
code though, if possible, as it's a rather large
functionality problem with the Python UI.

PS : hatariui still has some '2019' copyright texts that need to be updated.

Thanks, I updated all.

	- Eero

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